How does the writer attempt to persuade the reader that climate change poses a genuine threat to the planet?

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Question Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: September 23, 2013
In Climate Change the style of writing warns the reader about how dangerous it is for our planet. Firstly Kate Ravilious really wants to engage with the reader to bring them in the middle of the action. She does this by using a rhetorical question: “But what are its implication? And is mankind really to blame?” The reader really feels that he is implicated and it will make him worry more about the threat. Furthermore the frequently asked questions: ”What is global warming?” as subheading is a really good way to get the reader to read about climate change. Now that the reader is attracted and wiling to read the harsh facts such as “the average global temperature will have risen between 2.5C and 10.4 C by 2100.” They will find out the reality. The statistics will convince the reader that global warming is a threat to our planet. This use of statistics and graphs gives the reader a different perspective on the article; instead of losing interest by reading continuous paragraphs and makes them aware of the danger. Another factor is the use of alliteration to emphasis the danger: “a relentless rise”. This is used to insist on the threat of a raise of temperature on our planet. The author also uses scientific phrases to display peril: “carbon dioxide level” this specific language makes the article more credible and scientific language always impresses readers. On the other hand she also uses childish phrases such as “farting cows” so that the reader can understand with ease. The mixture of the two languages is perfect to convey the genuine threat of climate change to the planet.
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