How Did Ideology Fuel the Vietnam War?

Topics: Communism, United States, Vietnam Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Timothy Oduwole
Grade 12. How did ideology fuel the Vietnam War?
The Vietnam War was a battleground for opposing ideologies, a proxy war, and a holdover from the Second World War and the prewar conflicts. This escalated tensions between opposing the 2 opposing ideologiesof the world Capitalism held by America and the western world and communism held by the Soviets and Chinese The French had been a colonial ruling power in Indochina which comprised of what was to be Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the 1800s.France regained control of the region after the Japanese were defeated in the Second World War. In an attempt to regain to national pride after a demoralizing second world war in which French nationalism was dealt a great blow. The leader of the resistance against both the Japanese and the French was Ho Chi Minh. He became immensely popular in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh was communist with a very strong nationalistic paradigm. He fought against French domination, and defeated the French in1954 at Dien Bien Phu. A conference was convened in 1954 in Geneva, Switzerland, to solve the problems in Vietnam. Of course the bulk of Vietnams north was held by a very able (as he showed in the ensuing war) leader who was extremely nationalistic for all intents and purposes one chosen by the people of Vietnam themselves especially in the north and becoming increasingly so in the south where the puppet government set up by America was alienating much of its people. The prospect of an organization of foreign powers deciding on what should be done to Vietnam without including this leader just because of his Ideological differences was a factor of the disintegration from crises to war. According to the United Nations in 1954 Vietnam was to be divided at the 17th parallel, and free elections were to be held in two years. However these free elections never took place. The United States feared the more populous north would win a free election, causing Vietnam to become communist. If...
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