How Attitude Roles in Decision Making

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How attitude role in decision making process?
Before I can talk about the play role between attitude and buying decision process, let’s look at the definition of attitude first. Attitude is a relationship link between feeling and believes or a consumer’s thoughts and the response action. We can say that attitude is something that is in the people’s mind and the thought of a consumer’s openness towards the information received by each individual. The information received can be both positive and negative. As we can all see that attitude comprise of consumer’s thought which has an effect on the feeling and that feeling will express through the consumer’s acting.

Now let’s see what it is means by decision making process. It is a process of choosing one or another way from all of the alternatives that a consumer has considered with. Normally, the final decision making would be the best and the most suitable alternative which helps consumer reaches their objective.

Attitude is the important internal factor that shapes an individual choice. In addition, there are three factors that will lead to consumer’s behavior, which are predisposing factors, enabling factors and reinforcing factors. Predisposing factors comprise of knowledge, beliefs, values, cultures and, of course, attitude, which I will focus on. Moreover, attitude can be form by many ways. It may be through the learning process, the ability to distinguish the differences (which one is good or bad), imitate from others and experienced for each individual. These three factors influence a consumer’s behavior and it also effect the decision making of that particular consumer. For example, consumer has experienced that the expensive things always come together with the better quality products. And he believed in what is actually has happened to him in the past, called the cognitive component. So whenever he recognized the problem, like he want to buy a new bag (an opportunity recognition) and try to...
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