How Accurate Is It to Say That the Communist Governments Social and Agricultural Reforms Brought Wide Spread Benefits to the Chinese People in the Years 1949-57?

Topics: Communism, People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: March 19, 2013
How accurate is it to say that the communist governments social and agricultural reforms brought wide spread benefits to the Chinese people in the years 1949-57?

The communist government in the years 1949-1957 bought many reforms to both social sides and agricultural sides of China which helped and benefited many people. It is accurate to a small extent that the people of China benefited from these reforms which is shown in the early 1950’s but the effect decreased by the end of 1957. Even though agricultural reform destroyed the ruling elite which allowed the peasants to gain in land and crops, however there was still inequality within the classes. Social reform generally allowed the women in China to benefit in the early stages as their lives were changed by additions such as the marriage law there was still limitations to these benefits as Mao Zedong and his concubines undermined all the laws and rights women were given.

In terms of women benefiting, the rights granted to women during the 1950’s were a great success in social reforms compared to the agricultural reforms. Before 1949, women were sold as concubines, they fell into prostitution, had arranged marriages and little could be done about divorce. However in 1950 Mao introduced the marriage law which banned these arranged marriages and concubines. Women also had equal rights as the men in terms of owning the property, the right to divorce and to have jobs, some even within the CCP. Women benefited greatly in a social viewpoint as women were granted equal pay and those living lives as prostitutes had the chance to start anew and were sent to re-habilitation. All these changes showed a significant improvement prior to the lives they had in 1949. Another way in which Mao made changes for women was through the establishment of the Women’s Federation for Chinese women which was set up in 1949. This federation protected women’s right and promoted equality. But however it is inaccurate as Mao still had...
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