Hospitality and Tourism

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Assalamualaikum and good morning to all friends. Today I want sharing to all about benefits choosing hospitality and tourism course. As we know, our college also have this course. This course had a 7 semester in 2 ½ years. It also concentrated in culinary art, catering and restaurant. Let me introduce about what a hospitality. Hospitality means the friendly reception and treatment of guest or strangers and the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guest and strangers in a warm, friendly and generous way. Then tourism means is an activity done by an individual, which leads to a motion from a place to another place for performing a specific task or it is visit to a place or several place in the purpose of entertaining which leads to an awareness of other civilization and culture also increasing the knowledge of countries, cultures and history. Tourism is an important industry that depend on culture and science. So, I want to tell about benefits this course that I get.

Benefits choosing of hospitality and tourism course is it can make easy to gain employment in the hospitality sector with the availability of a lot of experience and diploma. The hospitality and tourism industry operates in a highly competitive environment. It is important that those seeking career as successful profesional develop a strong business foundation and customer service skills. Basically, with experience and diploma that we had, graduates of hospitality and tourism management programs are well rounded with a combination of business and life skills that are in high demand with employers.

Secondly ,we can travel to another place with our friends in same course. From this situation, we can get or gain our knowledge about a place with its own culture, bureaucratic society and history of the place. This is very amazing experience that we can get from this travelling. In addition, a group of holiday in this course...
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