Hospitality and Management Class - Learnings and Realizations

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Skill Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: October 11, 2014
It has been months since I first started to work hands on in this field and I can still remember how I first sort of thought of how uninteresting and tiring this might be. I couldn’t totally say that I had unclear knowledge about the things that were needed to be practiced and learned, but I could say that I didn’t know I’d have so much more to discover and yet to understand than expected. I started out being not so unfamiliar, but definitely quite far from how well I can probably do now. I'm not so sure if my experience with this subject would be considered different from the others, but I would like to claim mine to be very beneficial. Beneficial in a way that everything that I’ve learned in this subject can be applied in all aspects of my course. It has given me the opportunity to mold and develop myself towards becoming more credible and fit for any hospitality career and also to improve my skills.

There was so much fun in doing all our tasks especially in dealing with those I worked with, which made me consider another good thing that was developed along the process; and it was Communication. Learning from your own mistakes and experience is one thing, but having the opportunity to learn from others can get you far.

I also learned that doing the task just for the sake of doing it without analyzing things totally makes no sense. In this field, there has to be proximity and certainty in order for one to reach what he is aiming for. Just like performing all the kitchen procedures. It is important to have all things needed to be prepared and put in place before starting, so that one would know what he’s lacking, and not experience any trouble while executing a task. With that, he would have certainty to perform well. Same thing goes thru cooking. Each dish has its own procedure and one should have to deal with the ingredients based on approximate measurements and values. Another thing that made my experience very occupied was the work pressure that...
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