Homework Week 1

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: July 6, 2015
Homework Week 1
Week One : Alvis Corporation - Chapter 3, Page 93

1. Analyze this situation using the Hersey-Blanchard model and the Vroom-Jago model. What do these models suggest as the appropriate leadership or decision style? Explain. As according to Hersey Blanchard model, a leader has to match his leadership style as according to the needs of maturity of subordinates which moves in a stage and has cycle (Draft, & Lane, 2015, p.68). Leadership style is classified in four categories based on the combination of two considerations, relationship behavior and task behavior (Draft, & Lane, 2015, p.69). A subordinate maturity is defines as the ability and willingness of the people of directly for their own behavior. If the leadership style is combined with maturity, there are four styles – Telling, selling, participating and delegating. So in this situation, McCarthy has well analyzed the situation and then calls them and tells the situation and defines the pros and cons and then give opportunity to participate in the decision making. As according to Vroom-Jago Model, there is a decision tree that helps the manager to take decisions (Draft, & Lane, 2015, p.81). There are five alternatives which are available with McCarthy. First, he can make the decision and inform others. This is the same situation what he was practicing initially. Second, he can collect the information from workers and take decision. But in this case, workers will not participate in decision making process. Third he can discuss the case with individual candidates and ask their suggestions without bringing them in to one group. Fourth you can call the group for meeting and discuss the case and its solutions. But finally, you only take decisions. In fifth alternative, he can call the group and give them ample opportunity to discuss the situation and take the decision and it will be finally implemented without any interference. As according to this model, McCarthy should evaluate all the...
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