Holiday making decision

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I. Holiday decision-making
Consumer behavior is the study of the mental and emotional processes and observable behavior of consumers during searching, consumption and post purchase of a product or service. It is very necessary for the marketer to understand and make a plan that the consumer goes through in order to successfully market the product. As consequence, consumer decision making process is created as a model which included five stages: Need recognition, information research, evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and post-purchase evaluation. 1. Need recognition

In trying to rationalize the decision-making, this is a good place to begin. Need recognition is when a consumer has identified a particular need or a problem that has been unmet and has to be immediately met. Because each individual will have their own ideas for holiday, such as transportation, accommodation, activities, and organization, collection of opinions is really difficult. In addition, the arrangement of time is also an obstacle to the decision-making holiday. Anne (F, 41, family): “Actually, it’s not up to us to decide. There are administrative factors that stand in the way at the moment, and it is clear that if we’re looking for a job, and he [her husband] finds a job starting on June 15th, it’s not entirely appropriate to ask for holidays for the entire month of August! It would be a bit stupid to refuse a job on the grounds that you cannot go away on vacation this year. It is the second year running where we do not have control over anything!”

2. Information search
Information search is the search is the next subsequent stage after the consumer has already identified a product that will cater to their need. However, when interviewed, many said that they prefer to unplanned before a holiday, because it creates an unexpected, interesting that the Internet or magazines cannot have, and they will feel so excited to discover. There are two types of searches,...

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