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Topics: Weimar Republic, Germany, Communism Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: October 9, 2013
The Spartacist Uprising

Left wing group. Communist party
Felt that Germany was ready to follow Russia’s example of a communist revolution Led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg
Wanted a Germany ruled by workers’ council or soviets
In 1919 they launched their bid for power
Rebel soldiers and sailors
The revolution failed
Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were murdered

The Communist Uprising in Bavaria

Independent socialist state led by Kurt Eisner, Elbert’s ally. Kurt Eisner was murdered in February 1919 by political opponents The communists declared it a soviet republic in Bavaria
The Freikorps moved in to crush the revolt in May 1919. Around 600 Communists were killed.

The Kapp Putsch

Putsch means rebellion
In 1920 Dr Wolfgang Kapp led 5000 Freikorps into Berlin
The army refused to fire against them
Looked as if Elbert’s government was doomed
Saved by German people, they declared a general strike which brought the capital to a halt with no transport, power or water Kapp realized he could not succeed and left the country
He was hunted down and died while awaiting trial

The French & Belgian Occupation of the Ruhr

The Germans didn’t pay their second installment (1922)
In 1923 the French troops entered the Ruhr and took what was owed to them in the form of raw material and goods Disastrous for Germany
The German workers went on strike, there would be nothing for the French to take. The French killed 100 workers and expelled over 100,000 protesters. Caused the collapse of the German Currency

The German government simply printed money.
They thought it was an attractive solution.
It paid off debts in worthless marks
This set off a chain reaction
Prices and wages rocketed
People realized this money was worthless
Poor people suffered
The rich and middle class families realized that the money in the bank that could’ve bought them a house in 1922 now bought them a loaf of bread.

Treaty of St Germain...
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