History of Organizational Communication

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History of the Field Reflection Paper|

What is organizational communication?
As a field organizational communication studies exactly what it sounds like the communication in organization. Defining the particulars of this often comes down to the researcher and the perspective that skew their opinions on the field. These subtle differences are why it takes Papa, Daniels and Spiker almost 16 pages to express their definition of their field of study. The organizational experiences of an individual have a huge influence on the individual’s opinion and definition. Despite this all communication that involves two or more members of an organization constitutes organizational communication. It does not have to pertain to the organization, but can be to build a relationship. To actually develop a short definition for organizational let alone organizational communication. There is no way to box this field because of the changes that has occurred over its short life and the wide expanses that it covers. However, it is essential as a future professional in an organization to create this personal philosophy and refine it often. For me this class and article has changed my view on the definition of organizational communication. For the past several years I have defined the term as communication within a business, but now I see that it encompasses a large majority of the communication that occurs. The influence of organizations has increased to a point that it defines our culture. It has done this to a point that our local, national and global communities could be defined as an organization. However, analyzing the influence of small scale interpersonal communication on the “global organization” is not feasible.

Because of this the study of organizations is focused mostly on the members that have a direct and significant influence on an organization they are involved with. This ranges from CEO’s, managers, employees and customers. The communication between the groups and within each group is going to vary greatly, and it also depends on the role that each individual is in. With the near limitless communication possibilities in organizations makes it fascinating to look at how the communication facilitates the development of a community in an organization Even by limiting organizational communication to this smaller sect of the globe it still accounts for almost all communication that an individual participates in outside of the family and relationships. As the article details that before leaving the house the influence organizations have on individuals is huge. This also goes further because a large part of the interaction in an organization is between peers both inside and outside of the physical container of the organization.

Since the development organizational communication the changes in perspectives has changed rapidly and drastically. With this change the area of study has also shifted. The traditional perspective was trying to use communication as a tool on their machine to slim down and increase their profits. Since then the view has changed to how communication works and how it can affect social issues within an organizations. As a field the widening the base of study is essential to the growth of the field and organizations.

Defining organizational communication is an adventure into communication and all of its intricacies. The field is as flexible as the organizations it both creates and portrays, but also relates to other fields of study in communication and other social sciences. True understanding of organizations and the communication within will only come through the study of current perspectives and keeping an open mind to new organization types.

What is the value of studying organizational communication?
Through studying organizational communication we look at the daily communication of almost every individual in the modern world. If we do not study this integral part of our lives we would be...
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