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History Notes
The main threat of communism for Australia that was in Asia was Red China, North Korea and North Vietnam. Australia and US were concerned about the Reds spread reaching their homelands. Why? This is because there was a rapid spread/threat of communism from China and the countries around. Australia and the US often talked about communism as a threat. They wanted to stop communism by taking action. Australian Prime Minister, Menzies was concerned, so he wanted to team up with USA to contain command keep democracy safe. The communism system is when all the people and goods belong to the Government. In 1950, China, North Korea and North Vietnam all fell to Communism. Communism grew from Soviet Russia to China then to North Korea. There was risk of spreading to South East Asia countries and Australia Post World War 2. Countries like Malaysia, South Korea and South Vietnam were all threatened in becoming communist. Definitions:

People in country have right to freely choose leaders
Free trade, private ownership
Domino Theory

It was a belief that if one country became communist then the next country would also risk 'falling' to communism. Domino theory predicted that one country fell to communism then the surrounding countries will also fall too. This happened in China, North Korean and Norht Vietnam.

Explanation of the 'Domino Theory' to the world
Communist China and North Korea became communist in the 1950s. South Korea was fearful that communism would spread to them because North Korea is right next to South Korea. North Vietnam and Malaysia were in threat of becoming communism because they were very close to Communist China and if South Korea became communist, the risk of Malaysia and North Vietnam heightened as they feared they would also become a communist country. Even though Australia was isolated from the rest of the countries that would be affected by communism according to the 'Domino Theory' one...
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