Henderson REOL 632 Double Entry Journal

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REOL 632 Double Entry JournalValue: 25 points

NAME: Susan Henderson Due Date: Week # 5 ~ see assignment checklist for exact date. Students will maintain a double-entry journal based on the Buehl text. A double-entry journal is a way for students to engage in a dialogue with the assigned readings. Students will construct double-entry journal entries by noting the significant passages, concepts, statements, and points of view within the assigned reading that are found to be most meaningful and/or controversial. The second entry within the double-entry journal identifies personal insights and reflections regarding the selected passage and responds to that passage. A minimum of 3 – 5 quotations and responses per chapter are required. Use the rubric at the end of this document to guide your assignment. Text: significant passages

Personal insights and reflections
The left hand column is for quotations from the text. Please provide page numbers for each quotation.

The right hand column identifies the personal significance of the passage selected and response to that passage. Buehl text: Chapter 1
Pg. 3 “Literacy theorist Gee (2000) describes identity as being a “Certain kind of person” (p. 99). There are four categories: Identities that are part of our nature and over which we have little control (I am white, European..) Identities that are related to positions that we have attained (I am a college graduate) Identities that reflect personal traits or characteristics (I have a good sense of humor or listen to classical music). Identities we share through our associations (Democrat, Milwaukee Brewers fan, etc.).

Pg. 16 Figure 1.7 What is your Profile as a Disciplinary Reader?

Pg. 30 Teachers need to invite their students to expand the identities they bring to the classroom to include academic and specific disciplinary identities.

I thought this was a neat analogy that we have identities as readers. This is so true. Our individual likes and dislikes, backgrounds, etc. make up who we are.

I liked this table. This would be good to give to your students to so they can self-assess their own reading and rank their confidence in different academic disciplines.

This is important and I think of an activity like a heart map, where they identify who they are as readers across the four categories listed in the beginning of the chapter by Gee.

Buehl text: Chapter 2

Pg. 32: “Unfortunately, the routines associated with middle and high school reading may replace the intention of reading in academic disciplines: comprehension of new concepts and ideas. As a result, many students do reading to get work done rather than engage in reading to understand.”

Pg. 32-33: “Students who do reading frequently resort to behaviors that might be described as pseudo reading rather than reading for comprehension. Teachers can readily spot students merely doing reading in the following classroom instances that are all too familiar (Buehl, 2009).”

Pg. 35: Table 2.1. Comprehension Processes Characteristic of Proficient Readers – Make Connections to Prior Knowledge, Generate Questions, Visualize and Create Sensory Mental Images, Make Inferences, Determine Importance, Synthesize, Monitor Reading and Apply Fix-Up Strategies

I can relate to this because, when I went through college; unfortunately, when you have a large reading task in front of you, you read for the assignment, not for pleasure.

This is a good point….students are not going to be able to comprehend from pseudo reading techniques.

This is great! I actually have an anchor chart similar to this in my room. These are all important strategies that need to be taught to readers, especially struggling readers.

Buehl text: Chapter 3

Page 75: “When we can make few, if any, connections to our prior knowledge, we struggle, we want to give up, we might even get angry, and we fail to comprehend.”

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