Helen Keller

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Helen Keller the Author of “The Most Important Day” presents the way to understand being blind and deaf. In the beginning Keller explains the ways of understanding the world around without seeing or hearing Keller presents a description of what is around without sight or sound. With only smell and touch Keller describes the place she met Anne Mansfield Sullivan. Keller believe it was Keller’s mother when Sullivan embraces Keller.

On the next day her teacher Anne Mansfield Sullivan gave Keller a doll. Using the doll to help start to teach hand letters symbols for the word doll. . Even though she did not understand what it meant Keller expressed she enjoyed learning the shaping of her hands. Anne Sullivan used the doll as a base to start to teach the letters in a word by hand symbols. Learning these symbols did not give the understanding of what a letter is or what a word is.

Sullivan after taught the words pin, hat, cup and the verbs sit, stand, and walk (Keller 85). Sullivan brought the doll Keller had before the doll Sullivan gave Keller. Giving the same hand symbols for both Keller could not understand doll applied to both. The same problem was in water in a mug Keller could not understand them as separate. Sullivan express water so many time Keller got angered and broke the doll Sullivan gave Keller in throwing it. Sullivan then took Keller outside to the well pumping water and giving the symbols for water. At this time the separation of water from the mug Keller finally understood water as a word.

Understanding words to describe the items in Keller life gave knowledge to feel repentance and sorrow over breaking the doll Sullivan gave Keller.
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