Hcs/482 Systems Media Table

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Systems Media Table

January 23, 2012

Marc A. Magill, MS

System |Purposes |Examples |Uses | |Word processor |The word processor, Invented in the early 1900s an updated prototype of the typewriter, creates a document in digital format but goes one step further than the typewriter and stores the information. Word processors can track changes and make corrections as you type. |Microsoft word which widely used for in the business and personal world. Word perfect, Word pad, and Word open office writer |One of the biggest uses for me is writing my papers for class. The fast connivance to proof read and spell check save me time. Allows the user to save and share his document. Word processors gives the option of making comparisons of documents; in cases where several users may be working on the same documents, the comparison feature allows for differences in the documents to be easily viewed, making editing more streamline(brown). | |Hierarchical database |Hierarchal data can be organized data where each level of the data is organized, resembling a tree. Data can be arranged in a repeating series that ties or links the data together.Its designed to process and manipulate data in a number that takes advantage of the hierarchical(Prabhakran & Rajamani). |A family tree can be organized in a structured form. Prabhakaran & Rajamani). |This type of Data base is used mostly to save and retrieve information efficiently. | |Flat Database |A system where information can be stored. Flat files are simple data that files that take up very little space that other files.Flat files are like spread sheet where rows on the left are related to the information in the right row |A flat data, files with collection of data with or without rows, tables or columns. You cannot sort with a flat data base, Its linear. A flat file can also be a spread sheet. |By Websites developers for use within a language they utilize such as ASP(www.tech-faq.com) . In health care facilities they are used to save and track information during upgrades and new equipment installation. A flat file are commonly used by and found in data base management systems (www.tech-faq.com) | |Object-oriented database |Object-oriented is the used to describe concepts of objects that is used to support an objects for example graphics. Object oriented allows the user to data stores more sophisticated data like objects, and save the data very quickly. Information is recycled | Ontos are examples of Object-oriented database. |Stores information more specific in manufacturing and business like cost information. | |Stand alone information system |Stand alone information systems are systems that can operate independently of other hardware, with one user, not needing multiple users to operator. These systems can operate without being connected to a network For individual use. |Personal computers, Lap tops, note books that are not interconnected with other systems. They don’t have any relationship to any other computer system | Personal use , emailing, research, retrieving information, homework projects, | |Hospital information system |Hospital Information systems, manage, store retrieve, and distribute data related to the clinical and administrative care of patients, allowing for safe and efficient patient care. |One example would be EPIC. |When a patient arrives at any hospital they must first register. Hospital information system allows staff to schedule patients for imaging, labs and follow up appointment. It allows for documentation of notes and the storage and retrieval of notes by another provider or some time later. |...
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