Guideline for Creating Successful Decision Support Systems

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Decision support system

Guideline for Creating Successful Decision Support Systems

Guideline for Creating Successful Decision Support Systems

Well successful DSS happens when its use actually makes a positive difference in decision making. These are most important factors to bring success to DSS using.

1. Execution time

Faster execution is not always better. Only a fraction of task time is determined by actual DSS execution time. Developers should select appropriate software and hardware that are fast enough to provide the result within control execution time. Well-designed user interface helps to reduce wasting time on the user’s part.

2. Versatility
DSS is used to perform tasks. Versatility is essential and must cover the full range of tasks for what a decision maker will want to use. Flexibility in adding new functions to DSS tools when scope of works extend is also important.

3. Quality of Help

Help functions or any online manual for decision maker when having problems are essential. Many development tools make it easy to incorporate online help into a system. However, help should be context sensitive. Developer must provide help support tailor as possible to any situation needs or expect the possible confusions or problems of user.

4. Adaptability

Personalizing of DSS system style of each user is another important thing. These features make easier, smarter, friendly and more tailor to each users used. Sometimes developers may create DSS in various modes. It may be “Standard mode” for starter users or “Advanced mode” for experienced users.

5. Uniformity of commands and interface

Same DSS commands compare to other systems or standard well-known commands require to be used in DSS is important thing. It’s easy to learn and remember when users switch frequently among them. A DSS developer should produce of what DSS users are familiar with and develop it like standard commands uniform.

6. Learning time

User-friendly and Easy-to-learn should be seem intuitive to targeted users. Saving learning time means to reduce costs of training and maintenance. Users are able to earn benefit from using DSS tools.

7. Ease of recall

Most DSS programs are not usually used every day. Manager often returns to a DSS after a long interval of nonuse. Consequently, recall ability is a more important factor. A user interface that facilitates recall will reduce the time it takes to "get back up to speed" with the DSS.

8. Errors

Sometimes, DSS users make some serious errors that lead to wrong decisions as a result of system misuse. Following after are database corrupted and computer crashed. It may waste the user’s time but no more bad effects to the system. Understanding the users' usual decision making process can help minimize errors.

9. Concentration required

Most people have difficulty keeping more than six or seven active facts in mind at one time. Label screens and output to reduce memory load is useful and make the program easier and smarter.

10. Fatigue

Usage frequency of DSS is usually low, therefore user physical fatigue is seldom a factor. However, mental fatigue can still occur. It can be minimized by asking for information once in systematic manner and by reducing the concentration required.

11. Fun

Frustrations can be minimized from using well-designed DSS system. More Fun, interacting, means "not aversive" and easy to use.

Design guidelines should be considered with these factors. Building an effective DSS is challenging for developers. Improving awareness of impact factors leads to better, and more effective DSS system. 0 ความคิดเห็น

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