group decision support system

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision engineering Pages: 15 (4702 words) Published: November 4, 2013 Group Decision Support System (GDSS)

Definition - What does Group Decision Support System (GDSS) mean? Group decision support system (GDSS) technology supports project collaboration through the enhancement of digital communication with various tools and resources. These types of programs are used to support customized projects requiring group work, input to a group and various types of meeting protocols. Techopedia explains Group Decision Support System (GDSS)

GDSS proponents claim that these sorts of technologies can advance the promotion of participation, help to streamline group communications and foster learning. Different vendors have begun to offer group decision support system products like ThinkTank and MeetingWorks, among others. There is also a move to develop open-source tools that are often called discussion support systems.

GDSS is another term that can be used in various ways as makers develop ever more versatile and sophisticated resources for helping to promote group work. Elements of local or distance participation, meeting scheduling and documentation, and auxiliary support features for brainstorming can all be aspects of a GDSS design. In the most basic sense, GDSS is related to decision support systems because both support human decision-making. The difference is that GDSS is specifically engineered to support a team or other group.

What is the definition of a support group?
Support groups are made up of individuals who have an experience in common, such as a medical or psychiatric condition or a shared life experience. These individuals meet, in person or through a facilitator, to provide information and emotional suppo

Meaning and definition of group decision support systems :
Group Decision Support Systems: A Group Decision Support System (GDSS) enables a group of people to work on unstructured problems. It is unlike Groupware and video conferencing which focus primarily on communication. GDSS provides tools and technologies that facilitate group decision making. GDSS helps make meetings more effective. GDSS tools facilitate planning, generating, organizing and evaluating ideas, establishing priorities and documentation of meeting proceedings. Some of the commonly used GDSS tools are electronic questionnaires, electronic brainstorming tools, tools for voting or setting priorities and policy formulation tools. In traditional decision making meetings, having more than 4-5 people may make the process ineffective and indeed disruptive in some cases. When GDSS is used, the number of people taking part in the meeting can increase while productivity also goes up. Since people can contribute simultaneously, the meeting time can be used efficiently. Of course, GDSS will not be effective if the composition of the group is not right, the problem is not properly presented or the facilitation is not effective.

 Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)
I would start my arguments with a semi-scientific definition of a group decision support system (GDSS). Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) - An interactive, computer-based system that facilitates solution of unstructured problems by a set of decision-makers working together as a group. It aids groups, especially groups of managers, in analyzing problem situations and in performing group decision making tasks. After this ''unattractive'' definition, I would grab his attention by asking this question: WHY USE (GDSS) ? High level managers can spend 80% of their time making decisions in...
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