Group Decision Making

Topics: Problem solving, Decision making, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: June 24, 2013

A group discussion is a group of people who come together to an agreed upon topic. One of the main purposes of a group discussion is to help each member explore and discover new theories and ideas. There are many benefits to group discussions. They help you develop skills that can be very beneficial in life. Some of these skills include problem solving, social and communication skills. Group Discussions

When you are in a group, you have more vast amounts of information due the diversity of the group. Your fellow group members may have a thought or idea you wouldn't think of on your own. Author Thomas Saaty (Saaty & Peniwati, 2008) states that when you have a group, there is no way to make everyone happy on every issue. This is true because everyone one in your group has different views and opinions. Because there are so many differences, conflicts are sure to arise. Whether it is simply just a difference in opinion, or a different way of thinking, it is imperative that you find a way to use those traits to your advantage when coming to a decision. It improves upon you problem solving skills because you have to work through conflicts in order to accomplish your goal.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of group discussions. You cannot have a successful discussion without it. All members should share their ideas and theories. If not everyone participates, your group will be missing out on a lot of information that could be very beneficial. Communication skills can be improved because it encourages you to be an active listener. Active listening is listening with all of one's senses. It's listening with one's eyes as well as one's ears. Only 8% of communication is related to content—the rest pertains to body language and tone of voice (Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS).

When you have good communication skills, you are able to better understand what other group members are saying, even when they aren't using...

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Saaty, T. L., & Peniwati, K. (2008). Group decision making: Drawing out and reconciling differences. Pittsburgh, PA: RWS Publications
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