Grgrades Encourage Students to Learn

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, opposition team, respectable jury. My name is Rayén Castillo and I am the speaker 3 from the proposition team. First of all I want to rebuttal some ideas expressed by the opposition team…..

Our last argument has to do with the teacher’s role that cannot be leave out of this debate because a teacher is the person in charge of using the grades method appropriately. Then, as everybody here knows, the current grading system can serve with a teaching purpose. The first thing it does is to divide the students group into those who understood the work and those who did not. All of the group that didn’t understand the work, there will be some students who genuinely tried, and other who really didn’t care to apply new skills. The students who genuinely tried can be brought up to speed with someone on one coaching and may be tutoring. The group that didn’t care requires more work to pass and be motivated to learn, but the point is they have been identified. Students’ results through grades method need to be analyzed accurately by teachers and it always will be a source of information for them to change strategies , methodologies, class material, whatever for other more effective ones to make students to learn. An example of this is our own school, where each three months students are assessed through a type of global tests which considers the weakest acquired learning in partial tests, after analyzing results through grades method, teachers must reinforce contents with different strategies and methodologies to ensure learning and assess again in global tests, but how do teachers realize what groups of students they need to reinforce? By grades of course, teacher has the obligation to do an acute analysis of students results to use grades method appropriately, also it is important to consider that this type of test means two grades for students, therefore, we are more motivated to learn during the reinforcement period. So, the...
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