Greenhouse effect

Topics: Earth, Atmosphere, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: February 11, 2015
Van Horn


Have you ever seen a greenhouse? Most greenhouses look like a small glass houses. Greenhouses are used to grow plants, especially in the winter. Greenhouses work by trapping heat from the sun. The glass panels of the greenhouse let in light but keep heat from escaping. This causes the greenhouse to heat up, much like the inside of a car parked in sunlight. The Earth’s atmosphere is all around us. It is the air that we breathe. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere behave much like the glass panes in a greenhouse. Sunlight enters the Earth’s atmosphere, passing through the blanket of greenhouse gases. As it reaches the Earth’s surface, land, water, and biosphere absorb the sunlight’s energy. Once absorbed, this energy is sent back into the atmosphere. Some of the energy passes back into space, but much of it remains trapped in the atmosphere by the greenhouse gases, causing our world to heat up.(1) There are other terms that are synonymous with the greenhouse effect. Some other phrases you may have heard of are Global Warming, Climate Change and Reduction in the Ozone Layer. The more pollution that is set in the air the more the atmosphere erodes which causes global warming. Many Climatologists (scientist that study the earth’s climate) have admitted there has been a recent global warming due to the effects of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide that are being released in the atmosphere from the conversion of these gases to electricity. But to be fair global warming also occurs in spite of human errors in the power supply they use. This means that any damage that is done to the atmosphere including, solar activity, volcanoes, greenhouse gases alone not used as energy. Surprising is there remains skeptics on this very real issue. People who counter that this is a cycle of which the earth goes through normally and humans are not the cause. It is true...
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