Good Citizen

Topics: Morality, English-language films, Law Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Deborah Burns
July 14, 2010
English 100
Mr. Williams

As human beings we are used to living under laws and patterns that are dictated to us by society, but following those patterns does not necessarily make us good citizens. To be a good citizen first you have to be a good person. It is instilled in us as children to always mind our manners, help others, and be respectful; however why is it that as adults we have such difficulty following these simple guidelines? I believe that in order to live by the laws of society you need values, principles and ethics above all to be a good citizen. One important aspect for being a good citizen is to have good moral values. All around us, we can see there are always people in need of our help. Our job as good citizens is to help those kinds of people. When talking about the people that need our help, I am not only talking about the poor ones, but also the pregnant woman who cannot carry a heavy package or the old man that cannot cross the street. Imagine if everyone in our society followed these simple gestures. Just helping one another can make for a huge difference in how we as citizens live our lives. Another important thing we have to remember for being a good citizen is to have principles. There are a lot of ways we can do that. One of them is to have conviction in your rights as a person. We have to remember that as we have rights, other people have them too. Respect is one of the most important bases when living in society. We all have freedom, but it is restricted to certain point. We cannot consider a killer or thief good citizens as they have violated that restriction. The last recommendation for being a good citizen is moral ethics. Moral ethics are now considered relative. It seems today in our world that right is wrong and wrong is right. The result is the very foundation of our society and culture is crumbling. That is because we, as a nation, have lost our way. We are no longer built on a solid...
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