Goals for Chefs

Topics: Knowledge, Baking, Learning Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Goals are what shapes everyone’s lives to what they are. Whether it be an abundance or lack of them. Myself, I have planned many goals so I can become who I really wish to be. Without my little goals to guide me along the way, who knows where I could end up in this world? Many of my goals are simple small ones like, get an A in English, perfect my cupcake recipe, or do well on the SAT’s; that add up to much larger ones such as get accepted to a good college and become a well known pastry chef. Well my goal of being accepted to a lovely college has already become true. In the fall I will be attending Johnson & Wales University for baking and pastry. My main goal at the moment however is to secure as much help as I can from people such as yourselves so it can be possible. Even though honestly I’m not the type to ask for help about anything, I need it. My goals mean so much to be to become someone and reach the education I need and deserve. Without it, how could anything else I wish to attain with my life become possible? Without knowledge and experience, how am I supposed to compete with highly trained chefs for jobs in such a competitive industry? Teaching yourself can only get you so far. I yearn for the knowledge about not only classical but modern techniques I could never figure out all on my own. Before my goal of becoming a great pastry chef can come to be, I must satisfy my wishes and goals to learn all I can. My goals to master the art of sugar sculpture, cake baking, and chocolate work. Granted yes some things I have learned already on my own such as gum paste manipulation and basic baking, but how would I ever learn how to create creatures out of sugar so delicate the tiniest touch could snap them? It would never be a possibility in my tiny kitchen; it takes so much room in there to even bake a cake. Just basically what I’m saying is this; without help to reach my education the goals I plan wouldn’t even matter. They would be impossible to reach.
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