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Explain how globalization has strengthened the failure of environmental policies to keep us with the problem of global warming and has strengthen industries in developing nations

Globalization has been defined as the process in which societies, cultures, national and regional economies have combined through global trade, communication and transportation. The recent term for globalization focuses on more broader activities such as media, culture, technology, political and environmental factors whereas before the primarily focus of globalization was thought to be the economical side of the world e.g. trade, international capital flow, direct investments etc. thus suggesting that the way we globalize today has completely changed to what we use to 50 years ago also statistics show that the global trade has grown enormously since World War 2, approximately 100 times more over the last 50 years- $95 billion (1955) to $12 trillion (2005). As I have highlighted globalization is a very important

In the first section of this essay I will talk about the negative and positive effects of globalization on our environment and how environmental policies have failed to control globalization in order to save the climate. In the second half of this essay I will talk about how globalization has strengthen industries in developing countries and the effect of this on the developing and developed countries.

We don’t tend to relate globalization with environmental factors such as global warming, globalization is more of a trade thing, wrong, globalization is not just about trade it’s about transporting the goods, producing the goods and having people in place with the appropriate skills to create the product in as much quantity needed. All of which require resources, after 150 years of industrialisation, climate change (global warming) is understandably inevitable however the problem occurs when we accelerate human activities than necessary, that’s where global warming plays its part. About 95% of the world’s traded goods are moved by maritime transport, which in turn causes about 5% of the globe’s sulphur oxides and 14% of the world’s nitrogen oxide emissions. According to the Office of National Statistics ‘Greenhouse gas emissions from transport have risen by 47% since 1990’. The Department of Climate Change in 2008 discovered that Australian greenhouse gas emissions from cars account for 54% of Australia’s total transport emissions.

Global warming also known as climate change refers to the increase temperature of the planet, naturally the earth is tend to warm up but activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation leads to greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide being produced which leads to the “greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse effect is the process in which the planet warms up and causes the sea levels to rise due to the earth’s natural ice melting away. In order to stop the issue of global warming there have been several policies introduced by the government in order to control globalization to reduce carbon emissions. However just because these polices have been set in place does not mean that they worked for example, The UK based supermarket chain Tesco decided to ban rose importation from Kenya in order to reduce emission however later research revealed that the Dutch rose which the supermarket now relied on generated 6 times more emission due to the way they were grown in greenhouses (2007). However to some extent globalization does have a positive impact too but there are some important negative impacts and unfortunately the negative impacts of globalization on the environment outweigh the positive impacts.

The main positive impact that globalization has on the environment are that there is improvements in the use of resources and awareness and that due to globalization research is being conducted that creates greener technology. Globalization has assisted in improving the use of resources and saving the...
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