Globalisation and Climate Change

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate change Pages: 5 (1622 words) Published: February 23, 2011
1 Introduction to global warming
Global warming is very important issue all around the world. Global warming is a condition on the earth when the temperature raises considerably more than it should be .It is a drastic change to the environment and is causing all sorts of effects to living and non-living. The Global warming is increasing day by day since mid -20th century and still it is in the continuous process. It is observed and proved that the increase in temperature is caused by the increasing level of greenhouse gases; which comes from human body activities after burning natural gas, coal and oil; growth in population etc. As a result of greenhouse gases people, animals, and plants would die because the heat would be too much. One of the most important reasons for the global warming is electrical pollution.

1.1Effects of global warming
Global warming is affecting people in many parts of the world. There are different things which global warming is doing to the environment. It is making the level of sea rise; with this water covers many islands which are near to its level. Greenhouse gases stay can stay in the atmosphere for an amount of years ranging from decades to hundreds and thousands of years. No matter what we do, global warming is going to have some effect on Earth.

1. Polar ice caps melting: The ice caps melting are a four-pronged danger. 1.1 It will raise sea levels.
1.2 Melting ice caps will throw the global ecosystem out of balance. 1.3 Temperature rises and changing landscapes in the Arctic Circle will endanger several species of animals. Only the most adaptable will survive. 1.4 Global warming could snowball with the ice caps gone. Ice caps are white, and reflect sunlight, much of which is reflected back into space, further cooling Earth. If the ice caps melt, the only reflector is the ocean. Darker colors absorb sunlight, further warming the Earth.

2. Economic consequences for example hurricanes cause do billions of dollars in damage, diseases cost money to treat and control and conflicts exacerbate all of these. 3. Increased probability and intensity of droughts and heat waves because of global warming although some areas of Earth will become wetter, other areas will suffer serious droughts and heat waves. Africa will receive the worst of it, with more severe droughts also expected in Europe. Water is already a dangerously rare commodity in Africa, and according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global warming will exacerbate the conditions and could lead to conflicts and war.

4. Warmer waters and more hurricanes As the temperature of oceans rises, so will the probability of more frequent and stronger hurricanes. We saw in this in 2004 and 2005.

5. Spread of disease As northern countries warm, disease carrying insects migrate north, bringing plague and disease with them. Indeed some scientists believe that in some countries thanks to global warming, malaria has not been fully eradicated.

2. Introduction to climate change

2.1 Climate change: It is a long term change. Over the last 150-200 years climate change has been taking place in such a tremendous way. It is quite difficult for animals and plant to adapt it quickly. For this type of change the human activities are mostly responsible and now it is biggest threat all around the world. Often long-term change is measured by monitoring the changes in climate averages. Among the averages that can be significant indicators, factors in, or impacted by climate change are precipitation and temperature. Climate change occurs due to natural internal processes or external process or by the organic pollutants used.

2.2Causes for climate change
There are different factors which cause climate change. Causes can be divided into two categories and those are Human and
Natural causes. It is a serious concern that climate change is occurring these days because of man’s activities. The natural causes have always...

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