Global Warming: The Greatest Hoax since pope John VIII

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Global Warming: The Greatest Hoax Since Pope John VIII
Some Americans may wonder why global warming has become so prevalent in the media in the past few years. Global warming is one of the most controversial issues to ever be discussed. The issue, which should be based completely on scientific evidence, is being used in the media as propaganda in order to falsely sway the public’s opinion about the issue. Positions on the issue taken by members of the Republican and Democratic Party are worlds apart. “Polls taken in 2010 found that nearly 70 percent of Democrats Believed that global warming was occurring. Only 30 percent of republicans agreed”(It’s not the science, stupid!). The arguments made by left- wing activists are completely untrue propaganda. Global warming is a natural climate cycle that humans cannot control, and is more of a political issue than it is scientific.

One argument made by global warming activists is that the earth’s climate change is strongly influenced by human’s carbon dioxide output. The climate change scare started in the 1940’s to the 1970’s when the global temperature continued to go down as carbon dioxide was increasing. This led to multiple stories in the media about the earths next ice age approaching. Throughout earths history the planet has been through unimaginable climate changes from ice ages to extremely warm climates. “In the last 1.6 Million years there have been 63 alterations between warm and cold climates, and no indication that any of them were caused by changes in carbon dioxide levels”(Contoski 2). With this being said, how can there be any indication that the earths current temperature change is caused by humans carbon dioxide output? Carbon dioxide only makes up a small amount of our atmosphere and is one of the weakest greenhouse gasses. It is misleading to blame carbon dioxide for the earth’s temperature rise considering that is neither the only greenhouse gas nor the strongest. “Water vapor is a strong greenhouse gas and accounts for at least 95% of any greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide accounts for only about 3%, with the remainder due to methane and several other gases”(Contoski 2). It is surprising that Global warming activists aren’t trying to regulate the amount of water human’s use. On top of all this information about how carbon dioxide is really affecting the planet, mankind’s output is very minuscule. “Termites alone emit ten times more carbon dioxide than all the factories and automobiles in the world”(Contoski 2). A source that produces much more than this “the equatorial Pacific Ocean. It produces 72% of the earths emissions of carbon dioxide, and the rest of the Pacific, Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, and all the other oceans also contribute”(Contoski 2). With all these other super producers of carbon dioxide the human contribution is eclipsed. With the combination of other greenhouse gasses that nature puts out “we see that 99.8% of any greenhouse effect has nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions from human activity”(Contoski 2). With these numbers it is apparent that humans contribute an inconsequential amount to the earths greenhouse effect. Even if we cut out every source of human produced carbon dioxide we will basically have no effect on climate change.

Global warming has a political side of it that produces false consequences of climate change. Global warming activists claim that increase in climate temperature will result in rapid sea level rise, spreading of malaria, extinction of many species due to the extinction of plankton, and more violent weather. All of these statements are untrue. First lets look at rapid sea level rise. Al Gore proposed that oceans would rise 20 feet because of global warming. According to mechanical engineer Jerome J. Schmitt this statement ignores the laws of thermodynamics. Schmitt comes to the conclusion that “Even if sufficient heat is trapped in the atmosphere to raise it to the maximum value predicted by...

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Spencer, Roy
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