Global Warming: The Government's Little White Lie

Topics: Global warming, Climate change Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Devin Good
Persuasive Essay
Period 7
Global Warming: The Government’s Little White Lie

“Would you bet your paycheck on a weather forecast for tomorrow? If not, then why should this country bet billions on global warming predictions that have even less foundation?” (Thomas Sowell) The truth is that it’s hard to know whether or not our planet is heating or cooling. Global warming happens all the time and it’s not because of carbon dioxide or human interaction and is more of a political issue than reality. Even though temperatures are rising, it happens all the time. Global climate change is nothing new to our planet. According to Edmund Contoski global climate changes have occurred “63 times in the past 1.6 million years,” (Contoski. n.p). So since our Earth is always rebounding from one change to another we have no need to worry. There is proof it’s warming but there has been evidence that the planet was once cooling. In the early 1970s scientist thought the Earth was cooling but there predictions were proven wrong too. As famed writer Michael Crichton points out, “If scientist can’t accurately predict what next weekend’s weather will be like, how can they predict what the next centuries climate will be like?” (Crichton. n.p.) Scientist do have proof that in the last few years the earth has warmed minisculely. However when compared to the entire 20th century, the earth’s temperature has only risen by 0.6° C. This is barely a notable change and was wiped out by a drop of 0.63° C in 2007. Scientist are trying to justify their idea of global warming by making many claims that are not scientifically backed up. They are claiming that animal migration patterns are changing as well. They also say that some species are migrating farther and sooner northern. When in reality migration pattern changes happen naturally and change year to year. Another common claim is that we are accelerating certain species extinction, but extinction occurs in...

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