Global Warming Myth or Reality

Topics: Climate, Climate change, Earth Pages: 5 (2050 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Recently, global warming has become a big issue in the environmentally conscious society. It is often the topic of fiery debate amongst global politicians and is regularly featured in the tabloids. There are many arguments to prove the existence of global warming, but there are also many theories to disprove the existence. Confusion is caused through the ongoing debate of “ Is earth going through a normal cycle?, Is earth going through Global warming ? or Is earth going through a Cold age?”. There is actually no answer to this question since all of them can be taken into consideration. The earth is at once going through a normal cycle in which there is a warm age, through global warming due to greenhouse effect, and much cooler temperatures during winters. This can mislead people into thinking that the earth is not warming up or that it is warming up simply due to increasing sunspots. They would actually be mistaken. These facts happen to be all right through coincidence or consequences of the other.

Global warming is a term on the lips of many people these days. Just what is global warming? Should people be worried? What can be done to stop global warming? Should it be stopped or ignored? These are just some of the questions that make up the current debate in the topic of climate change and its effect on life on Earth now and in the future. First of all, a definition: Global warming is a perceived increase in temperature around the world. Weather trackers and forecasters keep tabs on temperatures all round the world, every day of the year. These geographers and scientists determine the average temperature for a place or a region, a country, or a continent. Putting all those figures together can give people an average worldwide temperature. And it is that average worldwide temperature that weather-watchers say is now increasing. Some people would say that the temperature is increasing at an alarming level. What is certainly true is that the increases in temperature are happening more quickly now and in the past decade or so than at many times in history.One prime cause of this increase in worldwide temperature is the sharp increase in greenhouse gases. They are called this because like greenhouses, they keep heat in the atmosphere. Chief among these greenhouses gases is carbon dioxide, which is produced by the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and gasoline.The more greenhouse gases are produced, the more they flood the atmosphere, preventing heat from escaping and, in fact, reflecting it back toward Earth. This heat is nowhere near the heat produced by the Sun, but it is definitely heat that affects life on Earth.Another prime cause of the rise in worldwide temperatures is the activity of the Sun itself. The star that is at the center of the Solar System has been demonstrated to be getting hotter. It is certainly not anywhere near the end of its life, but it is going through a period when its core temperature is rising, causing an increase in the heat and radiation that the star itself gives off. All of this heat and radiation streams outward, bombarding Earth on a daily basis. The result is hotter temperatures all round.The hotter temperatures are, the faster glaciers melt. Glaciers, massive chunks of ice, make up a large part of Antarctica, Greenland, and other land areas in the far north and south. As temperatures change, glaciers can break free and float in the world's oceans. More significantly, the more they melt, the more water they add to those oceans and the higher world sea levels get. Land that borders the world's oceans can be at the mercy of that water. Hurricanes and typhoons can buffet coastal lands. Rising sea levels can spell disasters for houses and buildings right on the coast. Sustained increases in sea levels can cause flooding on a mass scale. Scientists can definitely prove that the average temperature has gone up around the world. Many places have reported increases in temperatures. Some...
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