Global Warming Issues

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According to recent claims, the fact of the global warming is groundless. Are there any scientific proofs for such claims?

Madhusoodanan Pillai

January 04, 2015

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Global Warming
International attention and research on climate changes across the globe had, over the past few decades, highlighted the significance of global warming. Many governments as well as the United Nations have been taking action to mitigate the risks associated with global warming. Scientists and research in several salient organizations have been putting efforts to identify and resolve the associated issues.

It was in such a scenario, that a few claims appeared in some quarters; stating global warming is a myth, it is not reliable etc(1) . In this article, we will have an overview of these claims. We shall see whether these claims are legitimate and whether there are any scientific proofs to validate these claims. We need to do this as the majority of scientists still continue to believe that the issue of global warming remains a valid, significant and well established fact of our times.

Opposition and Arguments
One of the first few claims against global warming stated that 1934 was the Hottest Year ever Recorded(2). However it came out later that this observation was based on the temperatures recorded in the United States alone. It proved to be incorrect when the overall average temperature across the entire globe was considered. However, several people still think the claim to be true, as they are not considering the global dimensions which need to be incorporated to arrive at an accurate decision.

A second argument against the fact of global warming was from Lord Monckton of Brenchley , a self proclaimed member of the House of Lords, U.K. He made several assertions against global warming. In the first few assertions, he argued that rise in CO2 emission is not harmful.(3) Several scientists rose to the challenge of the situation arising out of Monckton's claims against global warming. They have established clearly that "Monckton's Pillai 3

claims are scientifically unsound and unsupported by evidence." The third argument revolved around the fact that more than 30,000 scientists(4) across the globe did not accept global warming, saying there was not enough evidence. However almost all scientists engaged in the field of climatic research and studies have categorically asserted that global warming is very real indeed.

The fourth argument originated from the Copenhagen Consensus and a book written by the organizer of that meeting, Bjorn Lomborg.(5) This was an attempt, in vain, to establish that global warming is a myth. But Lomborg, claiming credentials of a scientific nature, has recently changed his position and became a supporter of issues associated with global warming. Such controversial positions have taken away the credibility of both the Copenhagen Consensus as well as that of Lomborg. The ultimate effect was only that controversial arguments enabled him to earn a good income from the sale of his books on the same subject. Conclusion.

In this article, a brief review of the arguments against the prevailing issue of global warming has been analyzed. The gist of the entire spectrum of arguments against a major climatic and environmentally significant issue of the century has been overviewed. As a result of this brief analysis we have succeeded to prove the claims against global meaning are scientifically unsound and carry no credibility. Global warming is a very real problem with far reaching effects on the sustainability of our planet.

Pillai 4
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