Global Warming Is False

Topics: Global warming, Climate, Climate change Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: February 13, 2007
The issue of global warming has become a hot topic in not only in American, but all over the world. For years, many politicians have evaded the issue of global warming. But now, all of a sudden, the Democratic Party vows to combat global warming. Now that the Democratic Party has majority in both houses on Congress, they have taken an emphasis over environmental issues, mostly involving global warming. On January 30th, 2007, Congress held its first hearing about global warming. What was concluded in that hearing was that global warming is a fact, and that it is caused by humans. Al Gore conveniently released a movie called ‘The Inconvenient truth", a movie that showed Al Gore giving a speech about the ‘facts' on global warming and its ‘irrefutable' repercussion. Just this past February, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a summary that blamed global warming on CO2 released into the atmosphere by humans. With scientist backing claims that CO2 is causing global warming, the majority of Americans have made the decision that global warming is in fact true. But what Americans are not exposed is the scientist that claim climate change is part of Earth's cycle, and that it right on schedule.

The IPCC found that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is causing the rise in temperature on Earth. This, in effect, is causing polar ice caps to melt, flooding Ocean's with fresh water. The IPCC says that the flood of freshwater in the Ocean is causing weather patterns to change. But claim that the amount of CO2 in the air is causing global warming is not correct. Last year, Carelton University Professor Tim Patterson appeared before the Commons Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development. He testified that there is no correlation between the CO2 levels and the Earth's temperature. He states his findings that 450 million years ago the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was over ten times greater than they are now, and during that time, the earth was...

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