Global Warming and the Effect on the Environment

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Global Warming and the Effect on the Environment

SCI 207 Dependence of Man on the Environment
Instructor: William Lees
April 8, 2013

Global Warming is a serious issue today. The effect it has on this earth is a concern for scientist around the world. Global warming is rising the average temperature of the world.   The temperature has risen about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit from the mid 1800’s to now. And scientists have forecasts a temperature rise of 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. Researchers believe humans are the main cause. Human activities have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through buildup of greenhouse gases. And of course the greenhouse effect is what regulates the temperature of our planet.   There are many things affected by global warming such as air pollution, vanishing wildlife, coral bleaching and melting ice caps to just name a few.

Global Warming is here and humans are causing it with the pollution caused by their daily lives. Humans pollute the air every day with the cars they drive, where they work, and even what they do inside their own homes. Human pollution causes greenhouse gases. When the sun is shining the earth heats up but the green houses gases don’t let it cool enough because it locks in the heat. Here is an example: Your car sits all day in the parking lot at work and as the sun and heat rises outside. It also shines and heats the inside of your car and can’t get back out. So when you go out to your car to go home for the day your car is unbearable until you roll down the windows or turn the air conditioning on. This is the same thing that greenhouse gases do; it locks in the heat and never lets the earth cool down enough. Now the earth does need some greenhouse gas because if it wasn’t there we would freeze at night until the sun came back the next day. So a little greenhouse gas is good but as humans we have caused way more then we need that now it is bad and getting way bad.

As humans we are really not doing anything wrong nor are we? We cause this greenhouse gas just by doing simple things like using electricity. Electricity is made from burned fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is made from oil and petroleum. So the simple things humans do such as use a TV, dry their clothes, microwave their dinner or even play a video game are all causing greenhouse gas. Even the garbage we throw out causes greenhouse gases because it sits in landfills and is sometimes burned. The other thing as humans we have done is cut down too many trees. Trees and plants cut down the carbon dioxide in the air making it easier to breath.

As humans we need to stop causing so much greenhouse gas to save the planet. Simple things that can be done are carpool or ride the bus, turn lights off when not in rooms, cut down on electronic, hang your laundry out on a nice day and recycle everything you can to cut down on your trash. Maybe even plant a tree in your back yard. This does not sound like a lot but if everyone did their part it would make a huge difference.

Scientists are watching the Artic closely as the earth temperature rises from global warming. Average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world. Arctic ice is getting thinner, melting and rupturing. For example, the largest single block of ice in the Arctic, the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, had been around for 3,000 years before it started cracking in 2000. Within two years it had split all the way through and is now breaking into pieces. (NRDC, Nov. 2005) Since the ice has started melting it has affected native people, wildlife, plants, polar bears, whales, walruses and seals. It makes it harder for everyone to find food and it changes the migration pattern. Also with the ice melting with also affect the rising sea level and also in Kansas the wheat production. Apparently, Kansas would be 4 degrees warmer in the winter without Arctic ice, which normally creates cold...

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