Global Warming and Climate Change

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Recycling Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Flores, Willy A. MC1224 Prof. Magbiro NSTP 1 – Seminar 2

During the seminar, as I listen attentively to our guest speakers from WWF organization, the topic really caught my attention. This seminar made me realize so many things. Like how Global Warming and Climate Change affects our daily lives and our nature. For me, Global warming is a very big problem not only to our country but to the whole world. It affects our climate, our nature and our way of living. I think these are some of the reasons why such thing happens to our surroundings. First, people lack discipline in managing their waste. Some throw their garbage everywhere. Second, they abuse the use of greenhouse gases. Third, they do illegal logging which causes calamities and climate change.

After the seminar I realize that there are lot of things that I can contribute to save our mother nature. Simple things like proper use of water and electricity, throwing my thrash in proper disposal, planting, recycle different materials like plastic bottles, reuse everyday items like newspaper, old clothes and plastic containers, reduce the amount of waste by buying only the things that I need in my daily living and lastly share the things that I know about global warming and climate change to everybody.

I hope people will soon realize how important our nature to our daily lives. We need our nature in order for us to survive. If we will not do anything to prevent global warming and climate change, our future generations may suffer from it. Today we experience many calamities, flash floods and sea level rise. Many lives are being affected by these disasters. We must do something now to save our planet because this is the only place where we could live.
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