Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Weather Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: January 28, 2015
Global Warming

The topic of global warming has become one of the worlds rising issues and has recently become an important piece of the presidents’ annual state of the union speech. The most important step to end this issue is to recognize who’s causing it. It must be all the industrial nations fault? We can’t blame any one nation for the worlds ever so sudden climate change because this particular issue involves all of us and the only people to blame are ourselves.

The climate has been going up and down for centuries and it seems like everything is normal but since the mid 70’s we have been hit with an unsettling reality that shows the global temperature has risen 1 degree. This may not seem like much right now but it’s important that we understand the reasons behind it.

Climate Changes occur in our earth’s Atmosphere due to a buildup of greenhouse gases. These gases will occur naturally but can also be produced by human industry. The problem with these gases being produced by humans is that we don’t burn these gases off at a responsible rate. An example of what could happen: Temperatures changes on earth begin to cause rising sea levels due to the slowly changing weather patterns and glacial melting. Next this persistent trend leads to a large increase in sea level 1 to 3 ft., which in turn leads to more extreme weather events and the destruction of many industries one of which is agriculture. Finally the end result of this “Global Warming” is coastal flooding which would devastate 17 % of our global population due to many cities being only a few meters above sea level. Also the risk of spreading diseases would rise dramatically due to the imminent flooding issues and most importantly a large increase in extreme weather casualties. The possible environmental impacts could be very dangerous and even lead to the loss of biodiversity and extinction of many of earth’s most precious life forms.

The topic of global warming is something that is very...
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