Global warming

Topics: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: September 26, 2014
Nowadays, our earth is more ruined by human’s interference in generating their own economic improvement. Therefore the earth is progressively threatened of global warming. Eventually making problems on environments and causing much damage on earth such as climatic disasters, economic problems and etc. These problems as warning to human from what they have done. In this situation, human only concern on benefit they have now and to prevent from losing benefits they start to consider some policies to reduce global warming problems. This paper will explain global warming problems and explain its policies and how they work. Global warming problems

Global warming is mostly caused by carbon dioxide which is one of a greenhouse gas due to human interference in nature’s life cycle. Because of greenhouse gases (GHGs), more and more heat is being trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere making hotter changing weather and climatic conditions all over the globe. The problems global warming causes are alteration in the sea level, increasing in climatic disasters, reduction in overall production, effects on rain fall and providing opportunity to different natural disasters. Furthermore it causes economic problems, with new natural and climatic disasters; every country must spend more funds on fixing up and maintaining the city structures. In other side increased disease and treatment costs will more decline the economies of different countries resulting in reduce world gross domestic product (GDP). The purpose of global warming policy

Naturally the main purpose of global warming policy is to find the right balance, on the margin, of costs of action to slow climate change and the benefits of reducing future damages from climate change. The benefit of emission reduction can be achieved when GHGs emission is diminishing in order to reduce future climate-induced damages. From an economic point of view, the existence of the policy is critical to address global...
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