Global Warming

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Jacqueline Sanchez
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Global warming is no longer a myth and as consumers of resources, the world has to change and conserve their energy usage. There are many things one can do, but informing others how to take these dire steps our world needs in order to survive and support humankind. With CO2 making up over 70 percent of our atmosphere, we need to focus not only on how to slow down its growth, but removal of it s existence from the atmosphere to the right level of equilibrium for cleaner healthier air. Many Americans have adopted a method of saving energy and consuming less resources, but this is not enough; we need to configure how to collect and store some of the excess energy and change it to a useable renewable energy source. The media needs to stop believing that there is a pause in the climbing ambient temperature because it causing a chain reaction with livestock that also has a domino effect on the world's food supply.

With the effects of global warming on the rise, researchers have been always informing the public about how detrimental carbon dioxide, C02, is and how we need to cut back on its usage. Americans have cleaned up their act and resource consumption and even Bakersfield has taken up a role as well with the new cleaner energy efficient GET buses and solar panels located above the parking lot at Bakersfield College; but what if there is another emission we've been forgetting? Carbon Dioxide is rampant in our atmosphere but there's another equally destructive gas out there: Methane. Now, most of the efforts that deal with the effects of global warming have focused solely on Carbon Dioxide, but what if the world cut back on methane? The effects would be dramatic and occur and reduce our carbon footprint at a much faster rate than its currently going. America needs to understand that of all the green house gases out there, methane and soot are two of the most potent. Once those two are reduced as well as carbon dioxide, the whole world could change to a brighter tomorrow.

Global warming, though most American are unaware, will effect mostly developed countries within the Southern Hemisphere. The climbing ambient temperature will be have the largest effect on the livestock production. It will not only effect the livestock in a negative fashion, but also the environment they dwell in. It will cause the vegetation to lose nutrients which will make the cow's milk a low quality and cause a chain reaction of the entire cattle industry to provide lower quality beef, milk, and other dairy products. This will cause a deficiency in the world's livestock production environments which will influence political, economic, and social issues. The livestock will also endure many insect and parasite infections with the higher temperatures. According to the "Livestock Breeding For Sustainability To Mitigate Global Warming, With The Emphasis On Developing Countries," author M.M. Scholtz and others revealed that, "Livestock are unique in the sense that they not only suffer from climate change, but also contribute to climate change through the release of greenhouse gases (GHG). The impact of global warming and continued uncontrolled release of GHG thus having a twofold implication for the livestock industry, and consequently food security." (270).

Soot in the atmosphere diverts rainfall and causes drought in some areas that could be an oasis and it also causes uneven moisture distribution. If America attacked the methane and soot problem as hard as they did with CO2 then the food quality would sky rocket and we could save more lives. Carbon Dioxide is still the main highest gas we need to cut back on since its 48% percent of the man-made problem, but methane and soot account for 30% but mitigation purposes could be achieved much sooner if we worked on those two gases and emissions as well.

If soot levels were reduced, it could save 4.7 million lives a year and with cleaner air, the Earth...

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