Global Warming

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Global warming Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: September 17, 2010
Global Warming Essay
Global warming is an important issue for humans to consider and science to figure out. Personally I don’t care very much about global warming and have never been active in green movements. The evidence presented in this class is very informative and useful when taking into account the numerous known and unknown causes and cures for global warming. However, my attitude towards global warming is unchanged. According to the Common Attitudes Toward Global Warming handout I think that my attitude can be described as a mix between several of the listed attitudes. The strongest attitude I have is the Precautionary Principal. It is clear to most of the scientific community that the average temperature of the earth’s surface is increasing. I have faith in science; therefore I believe that steps should be taken to figure out what is going on. I don’t mean taking an alarmist position and believing that drastic actions should be taken now. There is too little evidence showing that the world will be lost because of global warming. I don’t feel a responsibility toward future generations. I think that mankind should go on for a long time enjoying nature as I have all my life. But to blame myself or try to hold others accountable to future generations would be a waste of time for me. I believe that a technological fix will be necessary and has already been employed to help reduce or reverse global warming. Searching for cleaner burning fuels, filters and scrubbers used in power plants, and refrigerant systems using CFC free refrigerants are just three examples of how technology has helped and will continue to help our atmosphere and environment. The amounts of question and uncertainties covered in this class have been most influential in reinforcing my attitudes and beliefs about global warming. There are too many unknowns for me to get committed and really take an activist position on global warming. The missing CO2 problem is an issue that helped me...
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