Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Global Warming

Today, global warming poses the greatest threat to humanity and our planet earth. Global warming is actually not a new phenomenon by any means. In fact, it started alongside with the industrial revolution centuries ago. Nonetheless, global warming has taken an ugly turn due to rapid ongoing buildup of human-related greenhouse gases. For example, CO2 emissions reached 8.5 billion tons in 2008 and the average temperatures of the earth has risen by as mush as 0.2 degree Celsius every decade.

By and large, there are many causes of global warming. Deforestation, traffic congestions and the use of CFCs in packaging and manufacturing products are the principal causes of global warming. Besides, the rapid growth of unplanned industries also cause global warming. The setting up of mills and factories in an unplanned way affect our environment adversely. These mills and factories produce black smoke which increases the amount of CO2.

Global warming has far-reaching impact on biodiversity and climatic conditions of the planet. In actual fact, nature is warning us through climate change that the clock, for our doom’s day, has started ticking. Global warming modifies rainfall patterns, amplifies coastal erosion, lengthens the growing season in some regions, melts ice caps and glaciers. Warmer weather, rising sea levels and floods are just some of the problems but in reality we are sitting on a volcano ready to erupt. These are signals of a transition that will decide the destiny of this planet and all living things.

The effects of global warming of our existence and survival have sent shivers through our spines, Fortunately, everyone can be a part of the solution in slowing down global warming. It requires strong commitment from big corporations down to everyday people. This combined effort can make a significant difference. Planting more trees and reducing timber cuts worldwide will help to restore the...
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