Global Warming

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Global Warming

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? I’m probably just over thinking what scientists and world leaders have been discussing for years; or am I? Global Warming; is it really even that serious, how can it affect us, and why should we care? Do we take it seriously? Are people making an effort to change? Do people know what it really means or what it can do? Nothing but questions arises from this topic. Is the future of our planet in the hands of global warming? Global warming has been a controversial scientific issue for years. There are also questions asked; whether or not it even exists. It is a term used often in today’s world, but few know what it is. Global Warming can be defined as the gradual rise in the Earth's atmospheric and hydrosphere temperatures, and its projected continuation since the end of the 19th century(Weather Makers, 2005). Thus, Global Warming is usually only associated with heat and warmer weather; this of course being one of the major misconceptions of this phenomena. Global Warming may affect different regions of the earth differently; as the planet heats climate patterns are altered, resulting in more extreme and unpredictable weather. On the contrary some places will become colder, some hotter, some wetter, and others drier. Others may define global warming as the gradual increase of average annual temperature of the Earth’s temperature and the great oceans(Youtube, 2011).No matter how it is defined, it affects planet Earth in the same way. “All available evidence indicates that man-made global warming is a physical impossibility, but if the predicted warming could be induced it would probably provide net benefits.” - Richard Courtney Global warming has always been called a “man-made problem”. Most scientists believe that man-made, or anthropogenic, causes, may have definitely made a huge contribution to global warming. Not only made a big contribution, but the most damage. One of the main man-made causes of global warming is pollution. Pollution comes from the burning of fossils fuels and also released from factories and buildings. Another human contribution to global warming is the increase of population. With more people there will be an increase in methods of transportation. With more people, there will be a need for more food. Another human contribution to global warming is the cutting down of trees. Trees and other plants collect carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the air that our body lets out when we breathe. With fewer trees, it is harder for people to breathe because there is more CO2 in the air, and we don’t breathe CO2, we breathe oxygen. Plants collect the CO2 that we breathe out, and they give back oxygen that we breathe in. With fewer trees and other plants, such as algae, there is less air for us, and more greenhouse gases are sent into the air. This means that it is very important to protect our trees to stop the greenhouse effect, and also so we can breathe and live.  For years, Global Warming has been deemed a man made problem, but in the web article “Global Warming: How It All Began” Richard Courtney, in full detail, describes how Global Warming is a natural occurring phenomena and the government presses the blame on humanity basically as a politically and economically beneficial scandal. Even though humans have made a huge contribution to global warming, the natural causes of Earth are a possibility. One of our major contributions to global warming is our use greenhouse emissions (National Geographic). Even though greenhouse gases are natural, it is our use of that affects our planet. Greenhouse gases play an important role in the regulation of the Earth’s energy balance.  The greenhouse effect makes the earth an appropriate temperature for people to live on. Without it, the earth would be freezing, or unfortunately, it would be burning hot.  It would be freezing at night because the sun would be down. We would not be able get the sun’s heat and...

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