Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Global warming is the increase of Earth’s surface temperature due to the effect of greenhouse gases. The main causes of global warming is the greenhouse effect, fossil fuels in cars, and global emission. Global warming is having an effect on our environment such as rising seas, changes in rainfall patterns, and etc. What we can do to stop this is, lower down emissions, cut greenhouse gases and so on. This paper will focus on what global warming is doing to our environment.

The greenhouse effect is one of the things causing global warming. The greenhouse effect is the warming that happens when gases in the earths atmosphere gets trapped with heat. An example of a greenhouse effect is, sunlight passing through transparent windows. The reason it happens is because gases absorb ultra violet heat that is radiated into space. When it is radiated carbon dioxide absorbs this heat and the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the air gets warm. If the air gets extremely hot the world will be destroyed because animals and plants will die.

Another thing that is causing global warming is fossil fuels in cars. Coals and gas are burned to make electricity, cooking, and warming or cooling our homes. Even though we are using these for our own benefits it is harming our environment and later it will have an effect on us. Fossil fuels are made from remains from other plants, and animals that was buried in the Earth for millions and millions of years. Did you know that a long time ago, that heat and pressure has made these remains into fossil fuels that everyone calls coal and gas? Well today, these fossil fuels are burned so that they can release energy that was stored inside of them. When they are burned the carbon inside of them are released in the air and creates carbon dioxide which is also bad for our environment. Burning petrol’s that are in cars, pollute the air we breathe and is harming both us and the environment but yet we still use it.

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