Global Warming

Topics: Climate change, Greenhouse gas, Earth Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
American Intercontinental University
January 13, 2013
Unit 1 Individual Project

In this paper I will be discussing the advantages on why we should support the protection of Global Warming. Now yes there are disadvantages as well. But the only ones that are suffering are the big industrial companies and commercial auto transport makers. If you step back and look at the big picture it really will out weight all outs.

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
I. Introduction
II.What is Global Warming
A.Definition of Global Warming
1.Greenhouse Effect
2.Polar Ice cap melting
III.Side effects of Global Warming
A.Side effects of Global Warming
1.Natural Causes
2.Man-made items
IV.Fictional and Facts about Global Warming
A.Is Global Warming really true?

For the past decade global warming has been a very big issue among the Congress, Senators and President. Global warming tends to have a dramatic impression on the weather. What this means is places that normally do not see snow in the winter are now having white Christmases. To have a better understanding first you must understand the definition of global warming. Global warming is an increase in the earth’s surface temperature caused by natural or even humanly ways that are destroying the plant as well. The greenhouse effect is understood by the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere that are leading to a big increase of thermal radiation near our surface. The greenhouse effect too many scientists all have been in agreeance that the rising temperature from global warming. Another effect from the global warming is the Arctic ice cap. The polar ice cap has melted more than 30,000 square miles since the last reading which was in 2007. The region is currently being affected by the constant changing temperatures which accompany the polar cap melting. There are many...

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