Global Warming

Topics: Earth, Global warming, Sun Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: March 24, 2008
Aim: By the end of my speech, I want my audience to develop a more positive attitude towards

Global Warming.

Main Points:

1. Definition of “Global Warming.”
2. Causes of Global Warming.
3. Effects of Global Warming on the Earth.
4. Things that can be done to counteract and reduce the effects of Global Warming.



a) The term “Global Warming” refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth in recent years and its projected continuation.


a) The Greenhouse Effect- The term “Greenhouse Effect” refers to the process by which absorption and emission of infrared radiation atmosphere gases (mainly Greenhouse gases such as CO, NO, and Carbon Monoxide) warms the Earth’s atmosphere and surface.

b) Solar Variations- Solar variations are changes in the amount of radiant energy emitted by the Sun. It is believed that the more radiant energy emitted by the Sun, the hotter the Earth’s atmosphere will become since more heat energy will be produced.


a) On the Environment and Weather Pattern- an increase in global temperatures may in turn cause other changes, including glacial retreat and worldwide sea level rise. Changes in the amount and pattern of precipitation may result in flooding and drought. There may also be changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. Other effects may include changes in agricultural yields, reduced summer stream flows, species extinctions, and increases in the range of disease vectors.

b) On the Economy- It is believed that the increase in frequency, intensity, and unpredictability of Natural Disasters is due to Global Warming. The Natural Disasters has cost the Governments of the World billions of dollars in repair and compensation, which definitely has a negative effect on the economy.

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