Global Climate Change FRQ

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Greenhouse gas Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Joey Klupar
Mr. Long
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Global Climate Change FRQ

Today, the world is experiencing anthropogenic global climate change. This means that there is a global climate change that is being caused by humans, which is all of us. Many people are in denial that global climate change, or commonly known as global warming, is really occurring. But, global warming really is happening and there is scientific proof. In the TED talk, James Balog explains how the arctic icebergs are the “canary in the global coalmine.” The ice is deflating and receding at a very rapid rate which is higher than it ever has. Sea level is set to continue to rise at a faster rate than over the past 40 years because of the melting ice, which is proof that global warming is really happening. Also, carbon dioxide is at an unprecedented level not seen for at least the last 800,000 years. It is released through natural processes but also through human activities such as deforestation, land use changes, and burning fossil fuels. Humans have increased atmospheric CO2 concentration by a third since the Industrial Revolution began. The carbon dioxide levels are directly related to the population of the world.

Most climate scientists agree that the main cause of the current global warming is human expansion of the “greenhouse effect”- warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space. Most of the outgoing heat from the Earth is absorbed by all of the greenhouse gas molecules and re-emitted in all directions. This warms the surface of the Earth and the lower atmosphere. One of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect is methane. Methane is a hydrocarbon gas produced through natural sources, but it is produced by human activities such as decomposition of wastes in landfills, agriculture, and especially rice cultivation, and manure management with domestic livestock. Humans are creating this gas and which is in turn creating more of a greenhouse effect....
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