Glacier Melting

Topics: Retreat of glaciers since 1850, University of Alaska Southeast, U.S. state Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Zoey Feldman

There is no doubt about global warming has in fact changed the landscape of Alaska. Epically. the melting the glaciers, this in turn produces a large problem. Similar the majority of problems, it has had positive affect as well as it has its positive affects as well as it has its negative effects on Alaska.

The negatives in this situation however, seem to outweigh the positive effects on global warming in Alaska. The one I will be addressing within this essay is the melting of Glaciers. This poses a threat to the people of Alaska, as it destroys the natural beauty and environment of the area. Quotes Kristen White on seeing the glacier retreat is, “As if you lived in the Smoky Mountains and you were used to seeing certain peaks- and they disappeared. It’s just totally, totally sad”. This also poses a threat to low-lying land and islands because of the rising sea level. As a direct result to the melting of the glaciers in Alaska threatens locally import species such as salmon. Quotes Botelho who was born and raised in the capital of Alaska (Juneau), “The salmon is bound to our identity as a region, who we are”. He also stated he did not think this situation posed immediate danger he added “Anyone who is following climate change has to see that there are risks, perhaps greater one”. Hydrologist at University of Alaska South East Eran Hood, has said many people in Juneau had hoped to maintain a waterway called Duck Creek as a waterway. However, small streams like this appear to be drying out. This situation has its positives as well, some of which include, since the melting of the glaciers. For sure, there will be areas that will be submerged that have come up because of the rise in of the sea level. On this waterfront is turning into grassland and eventually into forest. Which is good thing because this could help reduce global warming, As well as this produces a habitat for wildlife. Another positive to the melting glaciers is that as I said...
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