Getting Work Done at the Gym

Topics: Knowledge, Randomness, Task Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Case Summary
Jim Jorgensen is the owner of Jim’s Gym and prides his business with the emphasis placed on getting to know it’s customers on a personal level. He wishes to prevent employee turnover so his customers can expect to see the same faces every time they visit the gym. All of his employees are responsible for multiple tasks such as helping customers with their workouts, cleaning the area, inspecting the equipment, and manning the front desk. He fears that his employee’s tasks may result in them spending less time with customers. Lastly, he knows that each employee has their own strengths and weaknesses and is considering assigning responsibilities in a way that would allow enough resources to be available to satisfy all requirements.

1.Develop a plan for gathering information on what employees currently do and how much time it takes. Many important tasks do not often get the attention that they need because other parts of the job tend to get in the way. One of the best ways to increase productivity of the employees is to determine how the employee is spending his/her time through work sampling. Jim should begin randomly observing his employees and how they spend their day. It is crucial that the observations are completely random; otherwise the data would be skewed. After the observations, he should tally the results in a table that illustrate the amount of time used for each task and the percentage of each day that is used for each task for each employee. A table of random numbers would be needed to generate the observations times. This data would be used to redesign the job if it was apparent that the employee is not spending his/her time so that it is considered “value added” to the overall goal of the Jim’s Gym. As an example, Jim would observe his employees when they are helping customers, cleaning, inspecting equipment, and manning the front desk. This would be very beneficial information as he may also understand which employees are most...
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