Geography Global Warming

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Earth, Global warming Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: March 22, 2013
In this picture , you can take conclusion that the ice is melting rapidly and thus the water level is rising at a fast speed. This is all happening from global warming. This can cuase many animals to die or get extinct, also the people that are living nearby can also be affected by this. Global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels and forests, we lately have been doing this a lot. The polar bear is saying “ha ha youre eliminated!” to the other polar bear because there playing musical ice chairs and which ever one melts and they fall in the water is eliminated stating the similarities and telling us that the ice is melting at a fast speed and water rising is very common now.

In this picture, there are a various amount of things happening like littering on land and in the lake, also the grass isn’t that bright and is more dull than usual as well as the trees and flowers, the plants are not only dull but are also dying, there is cracks in the ground as well as roots being pulled out and eaten, the water looks as if its dirty and the animals in the water are angry about food and other things being thrown away were they live, its also showing us an old man telling someone not to litter, an old man as in referring to his age and that this could be happening when we grow old if we don’t stop it know or sooner. All this can increase pollution and decrease the amount of species and plants.

In this picture its showing us a man in a desert, saying he would rather burry his head in the sand over climate change because it’s much easier now that the world has turned to dessert. This means that the world’s temperatures are rising and in some places it’s going out of control. Most scientists say that climate change is happening due to the expansion of the greenhouse effect, because of the heat being absorbed by greenhouse gases it can’t bounce into space instead it bounces back on earth and hits us to cause climate change and rising temperatures.
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