General Motors Packard Electric Division

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General Motors: Packard Electric Division
Luiz Zuneda
BU-502 Applied Business Research and Communication Skills
Instructor: Dr. Peggy Bilbruck
Southern States University

In this case study we will analyze the options which David Schramm will be submitted to decider the use of a new product, RIM groomet is the best option to be used in the 1992 year of cars manufactured by the company General Motors. Throughout the text, concepts will be reviewed on decision making (William Ellet, 2007) and about the proposed case study. At the end may be subject to some conclusions about this process and reflect about the choice made by David and check the positive and negative points.

In this case study, it will be analyzed the attitude taken by David Schramm regarding the use of a grommet RIM for a car model year 1992. David will have to do an analysis of the proposed question and submit your answer to the Product, Process and Reliability (PPR) Committee (William Ellet, 2007). In this case study, in particular, the main idea being observed is the situation of David's decision-making regarding the issue made by PPR committee. According to William Ellet (2007), in relation to the decision making process, there are five main elements: Options

Analysis of option
The first step in making the decision is to know what are the options, if there is no option, there is no decision to be made. Criteria
Knowing the existing options, the decision maker should utilizer-criteria to choose the best option. In David’s case, one of the criteria could be, for example, the reliability of the car part supplier in question. Analysis of Options

In this step, bearing in mind the options available and the criteria to be used, must begin now to make the decision for the case and based on that choose the best answer.

Recommendation in the case, is nothing more than the possibility becoming the alternative of choice from what the author believes is correct based on the previous steps we already studied. Actions

When there is an issue to be resolved, the person in charge to solve the issue should outline a plan of actions to make the decision and resolve in the best way possible to the question posed. RIM CASE

Steven and Geoffrey (1999) suggests that David will have to decide to invested in RIM grommet or not and he should answer some questions in order to get the best option. Among these questions to be answered, David could make a list with answers about advantages and disadvantages of using the product, of course, these issues are quite large for this, Schramm should utilizer up their knowledge in engineering to formulate more specific issues such as advantages and disadvantages for the clients, to own General Motors, could also reflect on the advantages and disadvantages the cost of this new product and it would be advantageous not only in the short but tam well in the long term to use it. (

According to William Ellet (2007), David comes to the conclusion that there are many advantages and among them includes: Bigger capacity then the older component The new product has better seal against water

It’s harder to break
It’s simply and with better design
The new grommet will decrease the costs

According to William Ellet (2007) through all the evidence provided by the case, David can reach the hypothesis that the utilizer RIM grommet for model cars of the year in question can be a good alternative. Thus, Mr. Schramm can go after concrete evidence that substantiates its hypothesis and from there take action. Finally, through the evidence in relation to clients and the costs of this new operation, David could conclude that the user of this new piece is the best option. However, studying the case thoroughly there are some negative points that allow not say that this is the best option, as...

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