General Education Plan of Study Ceat

Topics: Technology, Sociology, Science Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Submit this to your College Secretary together with your mini-checklist. For BSAE students, choose 3 courses under MST domain. For BSCE, BSIE, BSEE, BSChE students, choose 3 courses under MST domain.

College of Engineering & Agro-industrial Technology

Student Name: _________________________ Student Number________________________

Degree/Course: ______________________ Major Field: _________________________

Kindly rank the courses you wish to enroll in each domain based on priority (1 being the first priority, 2 as second etc.). Please be informed that your enrollment in the GE courses for the succeeding semesters will be based on the rank given and shall follow the scheduling of GE courses in your curriculum. Arts and Humanities (AH) Domain (5) _________ ENG 1(AH) College English _________ ENG 2(AH) College Writing in English _________ HUM 1(AH) Literature, Man and Society _________ HUM 2(AH) Art, Man and Society ________ HUM 3(AH) Reading Film, TV and the Internet _________ SPCM 1(AH) Speech Communication Social Science and Philosophy (SSP) Domain (5) _________ ECON 10(SSP) Economics in Social Issues _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ENTR 1(SSP) Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit HIST 1(SSP) Philippine History HIST 2(SSP) Asia and the World HUME 10(SSP) Sexuality in Adolescence PHLO 1(SSP) Philosophical Analysis PI 10(SSP) The life and Works of Rizal POSC I(SSP) Re-imaging Philippine Politics PSY 1(SSP) Exploring the Self: Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions ________ SOSC 1(SSP) Foundations of Behavioral Sciences _________ SOSC 2(SSP) Social, Economic and Political Thought _________ SOSC 3(SSP) Exploring Gender & Sexuality _________ SOSC 4(SSP) Seeing Society in the Lives of Contemporary Filipinos _________ STS 1* (SSP) Science, Technology and Society Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) Domain ____________ IT 1 (MST) Information Technology Literacy ____________...
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