Gathering Blue-Lois Lowery

Topics: Communism, Marxism, Dictatorship Pages: 6 (1975 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Gathering Blue- Essay Plan
Joseph Stalin was a dictator who was responsible for massive crimes against humanity, and ruled a communist country. From 1924-1953, Joseph had killed over 20 million people during the Revolutionary regime. Joseph was part of a communist dictatorship. Communism is a system of organization where all economic activity is controlled by a single political party. Along with communism, comes dictatorship. This is the complete power or authority of a dictator. It is a form of government, mostly ruled by one upper class person. Throughout Gathering Blue, written by Lois Lowry and published in 2000, they lived in a community where freedom of speech was not accepted. The society Kira, her family and friends live in is a communist dictatorship which in the end, does not work out for them. 3 points:

- prove how society is communist
-prove dictatorship
-prove why it doesn’t work
In a communist society an individual is limited in their ability to speak freely, their environment, their education, and their future. This is all controlled by the dictator.

Body Paragraph 1 Intro:
To begin, the society that Kira lives in is a communist dictatorship. Children living in these societies regularly have troubles adapting to the environment around them. Children living in the council of Edifice, all have a certain task that they need to have completed by the week of the Ruin’s Song performance. Point:

Kira, a young and disabled girl is sent to live in the Council of Edifice. Kira has a special talent for embroidery, and is kept at the council so she can remake the Singer’s Robe for the ceremony at the end of each year. There is just one problem. The certain colour that Kira needs is blue. She uses thread and dyes them the color she needs. Blue is very rare, and not usually found in the village. If she cannot find the dye, then she will not be able to complete the robe. This creates many complications throughout Kira’s time living in the council.

“The orphan girl Kira will stay. She will have a new role. She will continue her mother’s work. You will go beyond her work, actually” (49). Explanation:
Kira is taken in by the Council of Edifice and is told to complete and fix the Singer’s Robe for the year end Gathering. Kira will continue her mother’s work, and she will create better things than Katrina ever did. Point:

Second, Thomas is a young boy, which has been found by the Council of Edifice once his parents were pronounced dead. He has a talent for carving and was given the job of recreating the Singer’s Staff. The Singer’s Staff is presented at the Gathering every year, and has the history of the village carved into it. Thomas has the job to recreate and fix it before the Gathering comes. If he does not follow through, like the others, he will be shunned. Proof:

“Thomas the Carver, they called him. He was still a boy, no older than Kira herself, but already he has been singled out for his great gifts, and the carvings that came from his skilled hands were much in demand among the elite of the village” (31). Explanation:

Thomas is one of the best carvers in the village. Although he is young, he knows how to work with the proper tools needed to impress the Edifice. Thomas has a talent that not many have. Point:
Last, Jo-Jo is a little girl that has been living in the care of the Edifice for years now. She is a strong witted girl until it comes down to the dictator of the village. Jo-Jo is a singer. She performs the Ruin’s Song at the Gathering. She, just like the others, is punished if she does not complete her job correctly. Proof:

“One voice was Jamison’s. The other was that of a child. The child cried briefly. Jamison spoke. Then the child, surprisingly, began to sing, yet she was oddly fearful” (123). Explanation:
Jo-Jo had been punished for mourning over her parents’ death, and was threatened if she did not keep singing.

In conclusion,...
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