Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making

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Functional Perspective on Group Decision-making is a theory developed by Randy Hirokawa and Dennis Gouran. Miller(2011) stated that both of them have an interest in small group communication, so they worked it put and produced this theory. They seek to understand how communication processes contribute to decision making and problem solving in groups. They come to a question, “Why do some groups make good decisions while others make bad ones?”

The theorists assume that the group members of the group who cares about the issue are intelligent, and face a challenging task. They stressed that communication or the term they used, “group interaction” has a positive effect on the final decision.

Griffin(2011) quoted from Hirokawa and Gouran that FPGDM, “is the prescriptive approach that describes and predicts task-group performance when four communication functions are fulfilled.” These four communication functions or also-known-as the Requisite Functions meant that there are four requirements in order to have a good quality of decision.

Functional perspective specifies what communication must accomplish for jointly made decisions to be wise.


1. Analysis of the Problem
According to Griffin(2011), group members must determine the nature, extent, and probable cause/s of the problem. Group members are also advised to take a realistic look at current conditions. In order to have a quality or appropriate decisions, we must know the problem so the group can “fix” it. Faulty analysis can be apply in this stage, example of which is failure to recognize a potential threat. Misunderstandings may arouse if problems are not clear to the whole group.

This function answers the question, “Is something going on that requires improvement or change?”

2. Goal Setting
According to Griffin(2011), it is...

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