Freedom Essay (Philosophy)

Topics: Political philosophy, Humanities, Sarah Palin Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 23, 2013

Freedom - the power to determine action without restraint. Many people will simply state that freedom is a wonderful thing, but we must also take into account that they probably do not fully understand what it means to be free. To be truly free means that we would be an anarchist society, and historically such societies have not lasted without a leader, not matter how small. Freedom can be a detriment to the general populous if they have no set agenda, no goals. Sometimes to not be entirely free gives society balance. If there was total freedom, meaning no laws or regulations either, there would most likely be chaos.

If we were given absolute freedom, people would not really understand what to do. My favorite example of people not understanding their freedom comes from the “wonderful” Sarah Palin. Every speech she would give started off with something like “How do you like your freedom?!” and everyone would go wild with cheers. These political know-nothings simply ate up her talk of freedom, without truly understanding it.

We are not truly free in our society, which is not exactly a bad thing. A certain lack of freedom is a necessity to maintain order, such as laws with consequences. When we are “lead” by someone, we have more purpose; we know what we need to do in a sense. Even the most basic societies have had leaders or chieftains. A leader brings organization to a group of people, they make communication amongst the populous easier. If there is an issue it can be brought to the leader and more easily resolved. Freedom is not always a good thing, sometimes being ruled, or lead, can bring more order to a society.
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