Four Little Girls Essay Response

Topics: Morality, Law, Mass media Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Four Little Girls
Eugene “Bull” Connor, Police Commissioner of Safety of Birmingham, Alabama, clearly failed in his own hate-driven campaign against desegregation. Coupled with this failure to extinguish a handful of peaceful protest marches, Bull Connor also failed to appropriate the South’s senselessly racist worldviews with that of the sensible reactionary precautions that would be more relatable to the mainstream media. Bull’s disregard for context and lacking desire to find a progressive solution to the problem exposed the weak-mindedness of those moderates in Birmingham calling for sympathy from the country. Subsequently, Eugene Connor became the catalyst for situational understanding in the region. The media’s freedom during these events allowed a narrative that reflected true human morality and the juxtaposition of tenured human beings with peaceful resistance training involved in positive civil rights reform and the dog-wielding, fire hose-wielding, power-wielding police force gave way for ethical reflection. Quite obviously, in hindsight, Eugene “Bull” Connor’s crusade on Birmingham’s weakest population seemed, to the national public, an atrocity conveying the true instability of desegregation. To characterize his response as anything but listlessly immoral would give credence to an unthinking way of living in which one’s own values have no basis in reality and therefore no respectable place in modern society. One could say Eugene “Bull” Connor was simply following the laws promoting segregation in his state and that that was just but, to the contrary, he was not. Eugene Connor and his police force weren’t even just in the eyes of the law. Eugene and the segregation laws he upheld were not protected by the Supreme Court. In the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case segregation in public schools was deemed unequal and unconstitutional. Eugene’s regime for keeping Alabama segregated went against the Supremacy Clause. This allowed...
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