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Case Study:
Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit

Candy Burke
University of La Verne

Authors’ Note
Candy Burke
Department of Health Services Management, University of La Verne Correspondence concerning this article may be addressed to

Executive Summary
The newly hired nursing manager in the General Surgery Unit (GSU) at Eastern Massachusetts University Hospital (EMU), Barbara Norris, makes an effort to address the problems she inherited with her new position. The GSU is facing the lowest rate of employee satisfaction and the highest employee turnover within all of EMU. In order to combat the current economic crisis the hospital is facing resource reduction measures were introduced throughout the hospital. The lack of motivation caused by a hiring freeze and the inability to provide quality patient care that is teamwork based has affected patient satisfaction scores, which have continued to decline over the past couple of years. The Director of Nursing is relying on the new nurse manager, to change the status of the GSU. After holding an off-site meeting with the GSU staff nurses, Barbara struggles with the difficult task of successfully turning around the GSU staff.

Table of Contents
The Role/Position Taken4
Problem Statement4
Analysis of the Facts4-5
Structural Assumptions5
Personal Assumptions………………………………………………………………..…............5 Problem-centered Assumptions5
Formulation of Alternatives to Solve the Problem6
Seek To Attain More GSU Staff ……………………………………………………...……….6 Establish Culture Reliant On Team/Collaborative Work Environment 6-7 Develop A New Performance Review Process7-8
Develop Acknowledgement/Recognition Program8
Evaluation of Solutions8
General Criteria8
Decision Criteria9
Plans for Implementation9-10
Plan for Evaluation10

The Role/Position Taken
During the process of this analysis, the analyst takes the role of the Director of Nursing at Eastern Massachusetts University Hospital (EMU). A Problem Statement
In what ways can I achieve a motivated GSU staff dedicated to delivering quality patient care in a teamwork environment? Analysis of the Facts
1. Barbara Norris is the recently hired nurse manager of the General Surgery Unit (GSU) at EMU whom reports to the Director of Nursing (DON). 2. Barbara Norris’s prior organization was developed on a helping culture, which was calibrated by hospital administration that sought to acknowledge staff and seek their input on key decisions. 3. The GSU is understaffed, which has led to strained relationships, low employee morale, and an overall troubled unit. 4. John Frappewell, the DON, expects that Barbara Norris will be able to turn around the GSU quickly. 5. The GSU organizational culture is not built on teamwork and collaboration. 6. The GSU staff are unacknowledged or recognized for the contribution they provide to the delivery of patient care. 7. The GSU staff are dissatisfied with staffing levels and think they have recently become less patient centered and essentially administrative centered 8. The GSU staff has limited input into policy, procedure, and process development relevant to the unit. 9. The GSU staff has a belief that work assignments are based on favoritism. 10. A transparent, standardized performance review system is not currently in place within the GSU. 11. The GSU staff has limited learning and development opportunities. 12. The GSU staff does not have an advocate on their behalf. Structural Assumptions

The Director of Nursing is directly responsible for the nursing staff at EMU and is an integral part of conflict resolution by assisting with any problems that the nursing staff face (Facts 1and 4). Barbara Norris does not have the authority to hire nursing staff (Fact 1). The GSU staff, which plays a crucial role in the contribution of quality of care provided by the hospital, has the...

References: Groyseberg, B., Nohria, N., & Bell, D. (2009, March 13). Barbara Norris: Leading
change in the general surgery unit. Retrieved from
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